Conference in honour of Paul Sablonnière on the occasion of his retirement and his 65th birthday,
INSA Rennes (France)

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Location of the conference

SAT 2013 will take place in the buildings of INSA of Rennes (20 Avenue des Buttes de Coësmes).

-> Available maps to download:

Transports to Rennes

From Rennes airport, you can reach the city center either by taxi (15 minutes) or by bus (n° 57, take the bus at  "Aire Libre Aéroport" station and stop at "République" station in the city center: map and timetable of line n°57). Purchase bus ticket from the driver: 1.30€.
  •  By train (TGV) from Paris Montparnasse railway station (every 30 minutes, direct, 2h10 to reach Rennes) or from the Charles-de-Gaulle airport railway station (between 4 and 8 trains a day, direct, 3h to reach Rennes)

Transports inside Rennes

Bus and subway are the most convenient way to get around Rennes. Complete information about Rennes Public Transport Network (bus route maps, subway map, timetables,...) can be found here (in french only). A general map is available here.

You can use the same ticket for the bus and subway (validity: 1 hour after stamping). You can buy your ticket (1.30€) from the bus driver or at the subway entrance.

-> How to get to the conference site from the city center ("République" station)

Take the bus n°4 (line map) or n°40ex (line map). For both: direction "Beaulieu Atalante" and get off at "Beaulieu  INSA". One bus every 8 minutes. Duration: 15 minutes.

<- How to get to the city center from INSA ("INSA Beaulieu" station)

Take the bus n°4 (line map) or n°40ex (line map) on the opposite sidewalk of your arrival. Stop at "République" station.
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